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Returning Home

The practice allow us to “return home”, namely to tune in with something gentle and stable in ourselves. It allows us to experience a space inside of us, a space in which we literally feel good.Often when we begin with … Continue reading

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The Strength

The strength that’s inside of us, is made by courage, determination and resistance. There are moments in life when we need strength, power of for “a right action”, namely the activation of a tank of latent energy we have inside … Continue reading

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Beyond the appearances…while I am observing those persons

Maybe, we should have to take a look to what lies beyond the appearances. It’s there that we should learn to look. We are often, very often, stuck in a series of conditioning is that deny us to see, really … Continue reading

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The Path of Awakening According to Gustav Meyrink

The beginning is what man lacks. It is not that it is difficult for him to find it. It is precisely the preconceived idea of having to find it that becomes a stumbling block Life is generous; at every instant … Continue reading

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The “Principles of Magic” #1: An Introduction and The Principle of Discipline

After having posted some essays about Giordano Bruno and the Art of Memory, many people had asked for additional elucidation on Magic. What is it?  What do I intend as Magic?  Where did I learn such things?  There were many … Continue reading

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Christmas: The Tree of Life

So, here we are: Christmas 2015! And, I’ll take this opportunity to speak about an object that is a symbol for such a festivity. Yes, I am speaking about the Christmas tree. Indeed, it’s not a secret that the tree … Continue reading

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Pondering: What about superficiality? Attitude and personal example.

It is no longer needed to write a post about the fact that, in the last few years, superficiality is climbing, diffused in the social tissue; superficial contents, often driven by ignorance, circulating with increasing frequency everywhere: yes, in the … Continue reading

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You, Yourself are the Eye of the Storm

Natural awareness means simply living in the Now without any expedient. Simply being in the moment. Neither before, nor after. Only when we are in the moment can we focus our attention and our mind with intention, like a laser. … Continue reading

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Pondering about Daily Inner Practice

Perhaps, not all people will have the possibility to  know and experience their own inner space. Most are satisfied to ‘live’ from day to day, accepting the fact that their inner field is colored by many kinds of external influences. … Continue reading

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Limitless- Appreciating the Experiences

Every one of us is a limitless potentiality. In every moment of our existence, every one of us has limitless possibilities for action, movement, and experience in the mental, emotional and physical field. There is no limit to what we … Continue reading

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