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The “Principles of Magic” #1: An Introduction and The Principle of Discipline

After having posted some essays about Giordano Bruno and the Art of Memory, many people had asked for additional elucidation on Magic. What is it?  What do I intend as Magic?  Where did I learn such things?  There were many … Continue reading

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Pondering: What about superficiality? Attitude and personal example.

It is no longer needed to write a post about the fact that, in the last few years, superficiality is climbing, diffused in the social tissue; superficial contents, often driven by ignorance, circulating with increasing frequency everywhere: yes, in the … Continue reading

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Gurdjieff’s “Human Factory”#4: Conclusion

What had been briefly revealed in this series of posts is what we can define as our “inner alchemy”, mainly, what had been symbolically described as the transmutation of raw metals into precious metal. But this process of alchemy is … Continue reading

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Leting Go – a further and deeper meaning

Letting go is a term that can be interpreted from many points of view, and new meanings could always be discovered which are useful to our “living” in this world – useful to find the so desired and much pursued … Continue reading

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Happiness- That “Mystery”

There is a huge difference between experiencing a moment of happiness and being happy. A permanent and complete happiness is exclusively a result of the understanding of ourselves, of the freedom to express what we are, and of the capacity … Continue reading

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Limitless- Appreciating the Experiences

Every one of us is a limitless potentiality. In every moment of our existence, every one of us has limitless possibilities for action, movement, and experience in the mental, emotional and physical field. There is no limit to what we … Continue reading

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Towards an “Objective Reason”

How often are our acts freely chosen? Can we say we can perform an action without any kind of interference or intervention?  And what about the cause of the acts? It is not easy to define the word, “freedom”, beyond … Continue reading

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Self-Observation and Determination (an Experience)

During a difficult period when I was experiencing the nth failures in some practices of self-observation, my mentor addressed me with these words: “Determination is built in action. Before that, we can speak only about feeling.” It was a period … Continue reading

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Passion: The Bliss of Inner Fire

There are many qualities of what is defined as passion which can be experienced. Though this term is habitually confused with the emotional flame with a transient, nonenduring nature, true passion  has nothing to do with it. Indeed, while what … Continue reading

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Download your Free Kindle copy of “The Book of Little Things” on Amazon

Until September 7th only, the Free Kindle edition of “The Book of Little Things” is available. Click the image to enter the Amazon Books page.

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