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Gurdjieff’s “Human Factory” #1: The “Transformation” and the “Hydrogens”

The last post was a quick introduction to the topic on the increase of energy and its transmutation, as taught by Gurdjieff. However, before taking into consideration how to “increase the energy”, we should first study the whole system in … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Gurdjieff’s “Human Factory”: The “Scale of Matter” and the “Three Foods”

Possibly, the most interesting and challenging topic in the teaching of Gurdjieff, is what is commonly known as the “transmutation of energy”. Here, I would like to introduce the first of a series of posts which will be devoted to … Continue reading

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Three exercises from “The Book of Little Things” plus an extra exercise from the Gurdjieff teaching in Audio Format

A year has passed since I wrote “The Book of Little Things”, and I can say that, since it had been released, it met with success. However, no one work is perfect, and many readers had confided in me of … Continue reading

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Mindfulness 2.0: Make your Meditation Become a Practice for Everyday Life

I would like to share with my brothers and sisters, a newly-created online course called “Mindfulness 2.0”. As a natural progression from the Sarmoung Blog page where information is shared, I will interact with people directly on the online course … Continue reading

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My New Book: “The Meaning and Practice of Action”

Finally, a short but solid collection of posts regarding the meaning of action, that, with a little “goodwill”, can be translated into practical reality by every one of you: “The Meaning and Practice of Action”, the “thorn in the side” … Continue reading

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Types of “Influences”

After a “little” pause, I have returned to write more posts, and this time, I would like to speak about a topic which seems to be of specific interest to many people, as indicated by the emails I receive. This … Continue reading

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Limitless- Appreciating the Experiences

Every one of us is a limitless potentiality. In every moment of our existence, every one of us has limitless possibilities for action, movement, and experience in the mental, emotional and physical field. There is no limit to what we … Continue reading

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Towards an “Objective Reason”

How often are our acts freely chosen? Can we say we can perform an action without any kind of interference or intervention?  And what about the cause of the acts? It is not easy to define the word, “freedom”, beyond … Continue reading

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Self-Observation and Determination (an Experience)

During a difficult period when I was experiencing the nth failures in some practices of self-observation, my mentor addressed me with these words: “Determination is built in action. Before that, we can speak only about feeling.” It was a period … Continue reading

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The Essene Version of the Lord’s Prayer

The many different interpretations of the various aspects of what is offered as foundational information about Jesus the Nazarene,  has always been of great interest – what he said and taught, and how translations over the centuries have changed dramatically, … Continue reading

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