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Self-Observation and Determination (an Experience)

During a difficult period when I was experiencing the nth failures in some practices of self-observation, my mentor addressed me with these words: “Determination is built in action. Before that, we can speak only about feeling.” It was a period … Continue reading

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Further explanation about what is Self Observation

In the last month I have received many emails about what is the practice of self- observation, why it is so difficult to practice, and if there are some “tricks” for improving it. Self- observation is surely the main tool … Continue reading

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Self Observation

Self observation  is the focal point in the field of inner research-trough this practice placed in a well-structured environmental system there is practically no limits to what we can discover about ourselves, our life and world in general. To carry … Continue reading

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Self Observation Exercise in Third Person

On this topic will be explained in details how to do a constructive self observation in accord to the Gurdjieff teachings. There are more writings about this topic, but I released that each of them gives only “fragments” of a … Continue reading

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Some Consideration about the Practice of Self Observation

NOTE: the following are some general considerations achieved during my practice and various texts about the practice of self observation, a fundamental practice for self developement.If anyone has something to share about this topic, please share… I will be very … Continue reading

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