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This Blog is both theortical and practical for self-discovery work and personal growth, based on universal meditation methods, Mindfulness, Psychological and esoteric self inquiry, Krishnamurti‘s, Gurdjieff‘s and other teachings and methods whose aim is the realization of men’s possible Inner Evolution in relation to live a more fulfilling and integral life.

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. i can only say thank you for making this valuable information accessible….

    is there a way to download or print the pages ….i have no access to internet where i live, and i would like to study in depth these lessons….

    thank you, andrea!!

  3. Anna Fidz says:

    Love your blog. Will send you an email now..

  4. Greg Frucci says:

    on a cold and rainy day i sit here on my Little She…
    drinking coffee with my dog looking at me…
    thinking about Life…
    i find my Self here with your words speaking to me…

    Grazie, Brother in Peace.

  5. Bill Kalivas says:

    Mr Sarmoung,

    I want to say that reading this site is a blessing. The articles on meditation are are very useful. I’m reading the Krishnamuti’s writings on listening.

    Thank you for making all this information available. I wish to study the entire site.

    Bill Kalivas
    Broken Arrow Oklahoma US

  6. S says:

    This is a very helpful site. Thanks.

  7. I have recently stumbled across your blog and saw that you often blog about confirmation and spirituality. I find topics like this to be completely enlightening. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Kirk Nugent, he is an incredible Light Worker. He writes and lives the same spiritual lifestyle that you write about. I think you may find him interesting. Take a look at the video I have attached and you will understand how life changing he can be. Thank you for your time I hope you find Kirk Nugent as inspirational and life changing as I do. I’d love to know what you think about him.

  8. Many thanks, this website is really useful.|

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