The “Principles of Magic”#2 – The levels and focal points of Magic

9f4713d8907b029f1823700b96626badSince I wrote the first part of the “Principles of Magic” five months ago,  I had received dozens of emails with questions about various aspects of this topic. I had answered some of these emails, but due to some personal health issues, I hadn’t been able to answer all of them, nor able to write any essays to post. Now, in order to “redeem” myself, I would like to answer, through this article, some of the main questions.

One of the main questions was related to what is undoubtedly related to the wish of learning more about this Discipline, specifically, “how many kinds of Magic exist? Are they all driven by the same principles?”. The definition I gave in the first post of this series, where I defined Magic as “a practice of Knowing that proposes to intervene on the phenomena of Nature through the study of the Natural Laws”, wasn’t enough.  It is natural and legitimate when the reader is driven by curiosity. And, when curiosity develops in interest, such interest becomes a thirst. This thirst must be quenched.

In order to accomplish this task, I won’t speak here about deviant practices known as “black magic”, as this topic will be addressed in a future post. I’ll remain focused on what the real Magic is, namely, something that isn’t “black” or “white”, but neutral, and whose synonym is “Knowing”. The principle of such a discipline responds to: «I want to (and can) produce interactions through the Laws of this Universe».

Such kind of Magic is formed by three distinct levels. There are not different kinds, but different levels of Magic.

The First level is more usual than we would think at first glance. It is represented by what a priest performs during a Mass, and it’s the lowest known level of Magic. The baptism, the holy matrimony, the unction of various objects, and the unction of people (the blessing) are all  practices of Magic. Almost all the sacraments are acts of Magic and mostly, they were originally intended to be as practices to bestow protection.

The Second level of Magic is most known as the “Magic of Symbols”. It is an active practice even in our time. In Europe, the maximal expression of this degree of Magic was practiced by the Templars and the Rosicrucians, such as in some Christian circles through the use of symbols, saint’s iconography and images.

It’s good to know that such a level of Magic, in its purest expression, aims to nullify, namely annihilate, what had been caused through harmful uses of magic. The result of such an annihilation is mostly known: the “negative influence” turns against those who had produced it,  more than to those who had “commissioned” it, with  extreme harshness.

In fact, the Vision of such kind of Magic is the defeat of the “operators” of harmful forms of magic, and not of the people who had asked for a magical intervention, since they are not considered responsible because they are not completely aware of what they really produce, (according to the principle: “Father, forgive them, for they  know not what they do”).


The Third level of Magic is far different and “higher” than the previous levels. Indeed, it uses only and uniquely, a state of realization. In such a level, the operator uses three energetic centers  which, in some Eastern traditions are known as “Chakras”: the third, the fourth (which is considered to be the domain of  Magic par excellence), and the sixth chakras.

Furthermore, the Magus who is able to work on such a degree of Magic, also had undertaken a Work on himself. Such Inner Work is not required in the previous levels of magic. Indeed, the Magic of the first two levels does not require awareness, as it is extremely elementary and easily produced. Usually, specifically in the religious field, a person (in this case, the priest) is not aware that he performs a Magical rite. Thus, such degrees of Magic are not so “powerful”, therefore are easy to be annihilated.

The Magus of such a level, produces changes inside his own energetic centers, or more accurately, inside a “specific plane” of each energetic center (or chakra, if you prefer).

Furthermore, through developing his own awareness, practicing Meditation, contemplating some words and mantras, he becomes able to produce such an “expansion” of his awareness that he becomes able to modify what is in front of him.

It’s surely a far less violent level of Magic, but extremely powerful, which implies a considerable degree of inner development and initiation. The Magus who is able to work on the third level of Magic is considered to be at what in esoteric words, is known as the Seventh Level of initiation (we’ll address the topic “initiation” in further posts).


Let us delve a  bit deeper into the subject of magic, by summarizing the focal points of a practice as ancient as the first humans, or even before them.

First of all: never approach Magic without any previous knowledge about this matter. It could be harmful for both those who experiment with it and for others. An approach that lacks of any previous knowledge is equivalent to a suicide. A minimal error could produce physical disorders, illnesses, even death, or serious physical disorders in other people.

This is the reason why a maximal seriousness and clarity is always required. In the field of magic, it’s not possible to have to find the answer to the question “what to do now?” when we are facing a problem.

Second: when one practices Magic, he absolutely must avoid  connection with who is suffering. This implies a detachment from the problem (the same kind of detachment that a lawyer has towards his client). At first glance, this detachment could seem an egoistic act. However, there’s always a reason for an act: the aim is to reduce the risks to a minimum. If someone connects with someone’s suffering, he submits himself  voluntarily to a state of suffering. This reduces clarity, and reduces the possiblity to help someone who suffers

The correct approach is to try to evaluate the problem in the most detached, rational way, with the goal to find how much the suffering of such a being is a karmic result.

Frenzy is also an attitude that should be avoided. Indeed, the urge to “free someone from suffering at any cost” is a nice way to put our integrity at risk: if we try to commit ourselves until we are completely exhausted, we’ll not be able to help the individual who needs help, nor dozens of others who may need  help. Maybe our help would be more useful in another situation.

In ancient times such level of Magic was performed only on initiates, and it was practiced only by disciples when, according to a principle (or Law) of relation,  help was indispensable in order to avoid the risk that the inner work of such an individual (the initiate) may be lost. Such kind of High Magic is rarely used.

Another important aspect is responsibility. Independently of the level of Magic practiced, this aspect must be present. According to the magic theory, even if we move a little stone, it will produce a result on a large scale. Thus, there will be a price to be paid. This is why we can very often hear or read that producing suffering (even justified suffering), will imply a price that we’ll have to pay.

The fourth aspect is purification. Usually, this term evokes the idea that we are “unclean, bad, evil, so we must purify ourselves”. This is a common error. In the universe, there is nothing that is bad or impure. Everything has a reason to be, to happen and to exist. Everything that happens has a reason behind it, whether or not  we are aware of it. Since everything that exists in this Universe is a reflection of the Absolute (in trivial words, “all is One”), there is nothing that can objectively  be more pure or impure.

The real meaning of purification is to focus all the energies of the principle of “I” (individuality), which is already separated from truth, towards the realization  such truth (“all is One”) in its entirety, or to devote ourselves completely to serve humanity or the whole cosmic plane.

Purification means Work on Self, service, a conscious commitment to inner growth. And this can (and must) be applied to every field of life, every moment of the day.

Control of our emotions and thoughts, as intended in a path of Self Development, can be called purification.

Purification is the act of no longer at the mercy of fears, thoughts, guilts and, above all, conditionings. It is the act of becoming less mechanical.

We have to produce a conscious act of Will. Undoubtedly, the more one is “pure”, the more he is “strong”. Being pure means be who we really are, reflect the identity of our being, in everything we do, from how we dress to eating, from sleeping to washing the dishes. Everything! If there is an essential concept in order “to be able to do”, this is Order. Order is control, mainly, intensity of awareness in everything we do.

In the field of Magic, nothing can be done mechanically or because of a habit. First of all, we have to re-educate ourselves. Thus, we can replace the word “purification” with “re-education”.

Another aspect on which one should work, is fear – a limitation we face very often; the fear of suffering, of being judged, of producing suffering, of making a mistake, etc…

It would also be useful to specify that the concept of Suffering, often mentioned in the pages of this blog, doesn’t mean “suffering that ends in itself”. Suffering in the field of Self Development (so also in the field of Magic) means conscious effort: for example, to wake up every morning at a prearranged hour, devoting oneself some time of our day to a psycho-physical discipline, ritualizing some moments of our day, recapitulating the day before going to sleep, and so on…

Hence, the “War against sleep”, doing things with a different, more refined awareness. Everything must become the gesture of a Magus, since the first magic has to be performed on ourselves. This “magic” can be called “inner work”. Without such prerequisites, it will be impossible to perform something that could be even remotely, called Magic.

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  1. Tim says:

    this (inner work) is just like Gurdjieff, just without the magic

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