Gurdjieff’s “Human Factory”#2: The First Conscious Shock”

Let us take a look at the “human machine” such as a three-storied factory – head, chest, and lower part of the body. The food enters from the “top floor” (head) and passes to the lower floors as Hydrogen 768 (the DO of the food octave).

Such food interacts in the body, according to the Law of Three, with other elements and becomes hydrogen 384, namely the RE key, and, successively, through further interactions, is transformed into hydrogen 192.

What is of interest here, is to observe that the mechanical, natural process of the food transformation comes to a stalemate, just at the point that corresponds with the key MI. Indeed, it’s just here that, in the musical scale there’s an interval between the MI and FA; it’s a critical point in which the food-octave can’t develop further by itself. Such a point can be overcome only with an additional help, an energy, an event that we’ll define as shock.

Here enters, to take charge, the second food, namely the air that, as hydrogen 192 (its note at this degree is DO) provokes a shock to the MI 192 in the octave-food, allowing it to become FA 96.

We’ll avoid specific passages because they would give an overly complicated explanation; so we’ll say that this process in the food-octave can continue until FA 12, and here it stops.

There would be needed another shock produced from the third food – the impressions, but these that enter the human system as DO 48 can’t develop further. Why? Because, when they should enter in, there is no carbon – the active force, which could allow the process of transformation to continue.

The natural process of transformation doesn’t supply the necessary quantity of carbon to produce an adequate effort. So, without such transformation, the octave-food stops at SI 12.

Mainly, nature brings human development until a specific level. After this level, a human must develop by himself, intentionally. So to say, nature gives the possibility to a human to develop, but this process doesn’t happen in a mechanical way, by itself. Nature gives mechanical transformations so that a human being could survive. In order to develop, what is needed is an intentional effort.

To summarize: what has been said about the food diagram, represents the first part of the process of transmutation which shows how the digestion (transformation of food) occurs in an ordinary man. In such an automatic part of the process, the octave-food begins from DO 768 to SI 12. During this process, three notes of the octave-air and one note of the octave- impressions, intervenes. The octave-air produces the mechanical shock which allows the system to overcome the first interval.

But, if we wish to develop further, we must increase the production of “higher materials”, and we need to know how to do it, not only theoretically, but in the concreteness of every action. We need much time to learn how to use such knowing and how to make the right efforts.


The first intentional Shock

We have examined the octave-food, specifically, the first part of the process of transformation. Now, let’s take a look at what happens in the second part, when the octave-air which has already entered the body, reaches the MI 48. But, it can proceed further.

Of course, even in this case, a shock is needed, but this one can’t, and it doesn’t happen in a natural way: indeed, it’s no longer a fact of natural survival, but of evolution in the real meaning of the term. Such evolution needs an individual conscious will. A conscious shock.




What performs this second, intentional step, are the impressions which, as we have seen, enter the human system as DO 48 and, in its further passages will be transformed into RE 24. So, the octave-air receive a shock from the octave-impressions, and MI 48 is transformed into FA 24, SOL 12 and, even produces a small amount of LA 6.

The air is saturated by higher hydrogens – what is commonly known as energy and, in the Eastern traditions, prana. In determined situations, such substance can be preserved in the organism during the process of breathing.

However, the amount of higher hydrogens we can obtain from the air is really insufficient. The work with the first conscious shock is needed just because of that: it gives the possibility to use the higher hydrogen obtained through the process of breathing.


Let’s make a very simple, practical example about the Law of Seven, which drives the whole process of transmutation.

Let’s suppose that some friends decide to travel to Istanbul by car. Once the journey begins, through the third part of the trip, a “block” occurs – the first difficulty, namely the first “interval”: near Belgrade (Serbia). One of the friends is hungry and wishes to take a break from the trip. The fuel is almost exhausted, and most of the friends are tired from the travel.

It’s an obstacle, maybe a little one; however, it could deviate from the intent to reach Istanbul.

At such a point, one of the friends says,”Don’t you remember what you promised me? I wanted to see Istanbul and you promised to bring me there!”

Such an event corresponds to the additional shock: because of the respect, the friendship, and the honor toward each other, the group of friends decide to continue the travel together. Something inside of them remembers that the decision taken in the beginning, was to go to Istanbul and not stop in Belgrade.

So, here’s how the first interval could manifest itself in a normal event (through fatigue, loss of intent, etc.), and what could be the first additional shock – friendship, the need to keep the word, the honor, gives the “subtlest” energy (a more refined hydrogen) that allows one to overcome the deadlock and continue the travel.

In the next post we’ll continue the story and see how the second shock happens.


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