“It Is What It Is As It Is”

5408_3d_space_scene_hd_wallpapersThe quality, the intensity and the depth of our existence depends on the interpretation we give to reality; indeed, every one of us keeps with himself and in himself his own convictions during the course of his whole existence. Seen from a sober point of view, there’s nothing wrong in having an interpretation of what we perceive, but if we miss it, if this interpretation is wrong, then we’ll gain results that could often be deleterious and dangerous. And this could be more than a simple problem.
Through millennia, ancient teachings in different cultures took into consideration the possibility to grasp the Truth, namely, not the truth we give through a subjective interpretation but the objective field of life itself.
Now, we could ask ourselves what this so claimed “objective” could be, and this term has been faced sometimes on posts on this blog. Objective is “what it is, how it is, as it is”, beyond our thoughts, points of view, experiences, convictions, beliefs. I have never found a better description of what objective is – an uncontroversial reality that cannot be denied or changed by our will and thought.
We can fight, debate, philosophize about it, and the result of all these intellectual and emotional “speculations” would remain a cram of points of view, unable to change what “objective” is. Indeed, how can we change something which codes are more ancient than our existence, the existence of humanity on this earth, the existence of this earth, of this Solar System and the Universe itself?
It’s a thing to ponder on, seen that objective is the primal and ultimate meaning of life, of our life such as the basis of every sentient being in this Universe.
I have often been asked if it is possible to notice the degree of awareness and consciousness of an individual- a very demanding question. I don’t consider myself as the most qualified person to give this answer, but I can answer that what is surely possible is to determine the degree of inner development of an individual from his comprehension of the existence of an objective reality.
The same thing could be said for a culture – the more a society focuses its interests and efforts to know, and understand this reality. Oppositely, a society that does not base its basis of cohabitation and organization on the seeking for the objective reality can be seen as “primitive”: indeed, in such a social environment, people live primarily for themselves, for personal pleasure and the supremacy over others. Unfortunately, this is the condition of the society in which we live.

Everything depends on the objective – this statement would seem incomprehensible to someone whose aim is not focused on inner development. Indeed, Reality itself is objective, and if our aim is to discover, realize, experience and live this reality, we have to live it as it is, not as we think it is- so, in an objective way.
We can affirm that we are objective when we perceive reality as it is and, at the opposite, we are subjective when we believe in a non-existent reality in which existence is possible only in our mind.
There’s also a third possibility, and this is the most common among the representatives of the society we live in: don’t question whether we are subjective or objective, totally ignoring the possibility of the existence of an objective reality. This is the condition of the average person in our society.

We can ignore the objective even as a mere, theoretical word, living in a totally unconscious, superficial and distracted way, claiming our subjective degree of civilization and the technological development achieved, living the illusion of being in a “safe place”, while the objective – reality itself, will not cease to exist, not giving a damn to us, such as we don’t give a damn to the microbes that inhabit our environment and even our body.
We can live, rejoice, suffer, fall sick or die… and reality will continue to exist, ignoring us such as we usually ignore it.
Truth doesn’t change its form to assume the appearances that we wish it has, and this, for our illusions, is a tragedy, but it’s also a great hope. Indeed, there exists something immutable, objective and stable to which we can rely upon once we have achieved a determined degree of inner maturity.
And, once we realize that all that we perceived until now is unstable, impermanent, and an illusion, it is very consoling to realize as experience that there is a Truth, a Reality that we’ll always find in the same form, that has been immutable and unchanged through eras and eras and lasted until now in the same form, uncontaminated from every kind of subjectivity; a safe place in which our being can “take refuge”.
Where do we find something really objective in a world that seems to have nothing stable and permanent? We find it in Nature itself.
Humans in their ordinary state have almost nothing objective, and the only field where the objective expresses itself lies in the natural laws that govern our physical structure that is also part of nature.
All the rest in a human being is subjective, unconscious, unintentional and conditioned, in one word… limited.
Egoism, violence, assumption, arrogance, fearfulness, slave of emotions and incapacity to control its own thoughts: that’s the contemporary man and woman. They usually ignore the existence of a Reality, a Truth and neither do they know what it really means to realize themselves, a true nature that could be pure in its emotions, thoughts and intents. It is a precarious situation.
But, humans have demonstrated and still demonstrate in many situations, aspects of generosity, courage and sacrifice, an enlightened aspect capable to express itself through helping others. These qualities are the best and highest a human can express from the beginning, and these same qualities can be developed despite all the false, egoistic and illusory that lie in themselves.
How to perform such a step? Through putting more attention on “what it is, as it is”, because it’s not only around us, it’s not only external nature, it’s also in us – beings with physical bodies that are also part of this same nature. Jesus once said that “the Kingdom of God Is Within us”, and that’s the direction where we also have to take a look, so that we can realize that the objective, impermanent field in us resonates with the laws that govern our universe. In this way, we’ll finally return home. We’ll realize our True Self. What we really are.

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