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Mindfulness 2.0: Make your Meditation Become a Practice for Everyday Life

I would like to share with my brothers and sisters, a newly-created online course called “Mindfulness 2.0”. As a natural progression from the Sarmoung Blog page where information is shared, I will interact with people directly on the online course … Continue reading

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My New Book: “The Meaning and Practice of Action”

Finally, a short but solid collection of posts regarding the meaning of action, that, with a little “goodwill”, can be translated into practical reality by every one of you: “The Meaning and Practice of Action”, the “thorn in the side” … Continue reading

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Coming To Ourselves

Self-development is the path that allows us to “come to ourselves” – specifically, to our True Nature. Such a Path is all but easy: indeed, we need time to accomplish it. The more we are reluctant to renounce instant results … Continue reading

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Types of “Influences”

After a “little” pause, I have returned to write more posts, and this time, I would like to speak about a topic which seems to be of specific interest to many people, as indicated by the emails I receive. This … Continue reading

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I think it’s the quietness of the place, of the green slopes of the mountains, the beauty of the trees and the cleanliness, that and other things, has made the pressure and the strain far greater; the head has been … Continue reading

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