The Importance of Relaxation (with mp3 guided exercise)

imagesUndervaluing the importance of relaxation is the most deleterious thing that a human being could do to himself. But it’s what humans usually do. They don’t deny only the possibility to be relaxed, but even to learn how to be relaxed.

During an ordinary day, we are subjected to numerous sensory stimuli that “electrify” (irritate) our brain and the neurovegetative nervous system.

When these stimuli exceed the danger level, we are subjected to mechanical and useless stresses, that, through time could bring us to a nervous breakdown.

The nervous system is strictly related to the endocrine glands, of which a part is the adrenal gland which is situated above the kidneys.

The adrenal glands conduct several functions that are of vital importance to  our psychophysical health. They secrete hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, cortisone and hydrocortisone.

What does this lesson in biology have to do with relaxation?

Let’s explain: every endocrine gland possesses a determined potential of hormone production that can’t be produced indefinitely. As probably known, hormones are chemical substances which transmit messages through blood in different parts of the human body, putting in motion, a series of chemical and vital reactions.

Every gland is a small “chemical factory” which cooperates with the other glands and with the whole human structure, in order to react to continuous stimuli and to maintain a dynamic balance between a human being and the surrounding environment.

If the environment is too hot, an endocrine gland begins to function, producing a hormone (the meaning of hormone is “put in motion”) that regulates the body temperature.

Every gland has a minimum and  maximum  production which can be secreted; if the maximum does not overcome all function as it should function, we are healthy, strong, and able to respond promptly to life stimuli. If this maximum  overcomes the maximal level, the gland experiences a crisis, and consequently, so does the psychophysical structure.

An example: adrenaline. It’s a powerful hormone, secreted by the adrenal glands. It flows directly into the blood and helps us to face stressful situations.

How many times have we heard or used the term, “adrenalin rush”? What is it and why is it important? Adrenaline is a hormone, a chemical substance which task is to give a “surplus” of strength and both mental and physical vivacity.

But, the adrenal glands (such as all the glands) can’t indefinitely produce adrenaline, so if the maximal capacity of production is exceeded, there will be some consequences because of the lack of the necessary amount of adrenaline: tendency to be preoccupied, excessive sensibility to cold, depression, mental instability, lack of appetite, inclination to complain, to weep, a nervous breakdown or worse, will be experienced.

Are you experiencing some of the above mentioned symptoms or something similar? Then, you need relaxation.

What are the stimuli that cause adrenalin rush? Every situation of physical, mental or emotional stress: overexertion, excessive study or thinking, violent emotions, fear, anxiety, anger, and inordinate excess of sensory stimuli (even those produced by drugs).

All these factors cause a nervous disorder that puts out of whack, our inner balance and deprives us of the capacity of interacting correctly and harmoniously with the external environment. After having read this last line, do you think that it is impossible to interact harmoniously with the external environment? Nice, you discovered something you probably never knew: you are under an excess of stress.

When we live in such a state of disorder, all that we perceive seems to overcome our capacity to bear things: all that we experience, even  climatic conditions, seem too much with respect to our capacities of reaction and endurance.

Those who have problems with dysfunction of the endocrine glands know this well: in such a condition, life seems to be, and is experienced as an unbearable weight.

It’s not an exaggeration. Try to analyze your everyday life: job, bills to pay, credit, monetary crisis, children, wife, husband, love problems, social problems, stress because you are unemployed, and so on and so forth…. this takes you to a constant state of stress (a neverending adrenalin rush).

It’s not a surprise if you find yourselves depressed, nervous, or anxious under the weight of so much stimuli.

So, why underestimate relaxation practices through which our “chemical factories” (glands) are put at rest?

Don’t undervalue this information, but rather, begin active research. The above mentioned problems are so common that they are practically considered normal.

In the meantime, enjoy the relaxation practice you can download (for free) by clicking this link.


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