The Walker on the Waters Part 3

The “Mantram of Power”


Needless to say, that once I returned home to Rovinj, for several weeks I seriously engaged myself in the recitation of the formula suggested by my mentor,  which  I named “The Mantram of Power”. But it didn’t seem very “powerful”. Rather, it appeared to me, to articulate only empty and senseless words that touched neither my personality or behaviour or the usual way to see myself and the surrounding environment.

Above all, I had strove to contact this person, to learn something that had been presented to me as a meditation on the Tarot (a discipline I had learned later), and he offered me a formula that hadn’t any effect on me, except to make me feel that I was wasting time.

So, I decided to speak about this with my old mentor F., who lives in Rovinj. After having listened attentively, he replied: “These words don’t mean anything to you. Thus, they have no effects. They are empty and useless.”

This shocked me. I knew that the words of F. were always aimed and direct, such as a kick in the stomach and, as always, a pain in the stomach was the result they produced.

“You mean, that he fooled me? That I  renounced continuing my lessons at the University and fought with my parents for a travel that lead me to a person I expected to teach me something, but who figuratively, hit me below the belt?”

“No”, he answered smiling to me such as I was a perfect idiot, “he knew that these words wouldn’t have any effect on you. But, he decided anyway to make you try them in order to make you understand, at first hand, that it is easier to say than to be done. If you were smart, you could perceive it as what it is: a huge lesson. But you are not so smart, so I have to explain it to you.

You see, all our purposes, expressed with our mind or in words, have to be followed by an action that is in accordance with these words. Otherwise, they will remain only empty statements. And you have noticed this clearly. So, it’s a huge teaching, but you didn’t understand it as so. There must be a sincere desire for a shift from the inside. Only in this way can you find the courage to begin to change “externally”, in your actions, in your behaviour, in your state of Being, even if performing little steps”.

Ok, that made sense. But, there was still something that bothered me.

“Why  didn’t I notice it as a teaching?”

“Because you are Andrea”, he replied, “the Andrea that is the image of what you consider to be. Not the I AM Andrea. There is always something that you can see, that you don’t wish to see – a shadow that has followed you since you were a child”.

“Chief Feature”, I murmured.

“Call it as you wish, but until you find it and face it, you’ll be unable to go further with this work”.

The  chief feature was a topic which I insisted he tell me. I considered that it was  my “right” to know it, if it was so fundamental for my inner work. But, even if he had an intention for me to know it, he always refused to reveal it to me. And, of course, even this time, wasn’t an exception.

“But , I’ll  ‘gift’ you with something that will make you able to understand this Mantram of Power. And, I can tell you, it will produce something in you – a friction, that will make you notice your chief feature. If you have problems with this, then I’ll reveal it to you. But first, you HAVE to listen to what I have to say and continue with the recitation of what you accepted as mantram.”

Of course, I accepted the compromise. Had I any other option?

“A mantram”, he continued, “is a powerful mean that helps to free the mind from all the illusions with which it is identified. At the same time, it helps to “remain focussed” on a principle, or to evoke it. Now, listen carefully”.

He repeated the mantram several times, with a verbal cadence that seemed unusual. Now, I could say that he recited it with his whole being, but at that time, it seemed to me unusual, because it sounded as though he wanted me to experience and remember this rhythm and vibration.

Then he began to speak.


What can be defined as I? An atom, a self- conscious and self -determined space. I is a center that doesn’t depend on anything. It is: that’s all. If you observe people, you’ll notice that, while they say ‘I’, they intend, I this, I that, I man, I woman, I am angry, I am a professor, I am a loser, I am unhappy, happy, depressed, lustful, etc, etc, etc…

They add always, an element to the ‘I’. They completely ignore the ‘nitty-gritty’ I, the I that is non-identified with anything external to itself. As you know, the majority of people, even many of your fellows ‘seekers’, ignore the most intimate essence of themselves, that ‘conscious space’; they confuse as ‘I’, an aggregate of thoughts, emotions, or physical elements, but these aggregates are unstable, uncertain, or fickle, subjected to transform themselves into something else and, at the end, to dissolve. In such a case, what remains of that ‘I’ at the moment of death? A corpse that putrefies? A name that will vanish, buried by the dust of time? What?


This is a sound, a synonym of sound. Being is a verb, an auditory vibration. It’s the expression born from the action of the Supreme Will (the Father) on the Mother-Matter (which,  before the beginning, was focused on an only Point: the bindu). This first motion of expansion, produced by the Supreme Will on the Point-Matter, generates the Being- Sound and, consequently, Space in perpetual expansion (because the space is born from the sound).

I am sure you don’t understand deeply, what I am telling  you. Unfortunately, this understanding is the fruit of a long research in an individual path. It can’t be given or insufflated. It’s up to you to desire and try to understand. But, don’t let these words vanish from your mind, ponder attentively, on what I am telling you. Seek, study, experience, ponder… and try to understand.

I can tell you that consciousness and Matter-Nature aren’t the same thing. Consciousness is a result –  the chid of the Father’s Will and Mother Nature.

In the same way, once born, the young individual consciousness, even if it exists, isn’t yet self-aware, and for a very long time, it remains an empty space of Knowledge. It will have to perform a huge series of experiences, continuously identifying itself with a multitude of forms- belonging to Mother Nature – joy, suffering infinitely because of the attachment to forms that are in perpetual transformation;  then, maybe, at one point, it will come to the point to ask itself: ‘Who am I really?“

Only then, will it begin to seek and if it will be lucky, it will meet a Teacher or a School, or both; they will offer to him the ‘tools’ for its self- realization. Only at the end of this path, it will be able to say, and know what it means: ‘I AM’.

Inizierà allora a cercare. Se è fortunata incontrerà un Maestro o una Scuola di Ricerca Interiore che le offriranno i ‘mezzi’ per auto realizzarsi. E solo alla fine di quel percorso potrà dire: ‘Io Sono’.




In this statement, the word ‘Since’ expresses a ‘becoming conscious’, the realization of an achieved state (the I AM) and, at the same time, indicates the consequence that previous realization brings with itself. In poor words, it’s the first self- conscious movement of the ‘I AM’ in the surrounding environment. It’s the first affirmation of the Power of the I: ‘I AM I, I know that I AM, so I can choose’




You surely noticed that before the ‘since I am’, there is a conjunction: ‘and’. It is also important, there is no syllable, no vocal or consonant, and no punctuations  such as dots and commas, in a mantram or word of power. In this case, it shows a ‘conjunction’ from a previous state to a new one. The link between the ‘I AM’  and the ‘Since’.




This is the first thing Being realizes: the inborn capacity to sense, to feel emotions and desires, because Being is Emotivity in its purest form. Desires and a ‘power’ because they are the compass for Being to travel through the material Ocean of Becoming.

But how can a still young and inexpert consciousness choose between the infinity of possibilities that life offers? It chooses what it likes, towards which it feels attraction, an affinity. But, remember, I am not speaking about the attraction that humans ordinarily experience in life. These attractions are, without exceptions, are a  product of false personality. We are speaking about something else: Being. And Being can express itself only through a serious Work on Self.

So, attraction: such attraction is manifested through desire or repulsion, depending on the type of polarity.

What you have to know and understand for now, is that real and deep desires exist, but usually (always) we experience desires produced from the external. What is needed, is to learn to discern. Thus, emotions and feelings are not enough for this task. The young consciousness can’t evolve through these means; it needs a further tool, able to “discriminate”, evaluate, compare, reason and summarize what is experienced.




This tool is the Mind: it can bring us to slavery, but also to the freedom from ignorance and unconscious conditionings, but first it has to be understood and used in a proper way. Mind, such as the emotional and the other human fields, has several parts and functions. A part of Mind is absolutely mechanical, blind, unaware, repetitive. Such a part simply repeats what it has absorbed from the external. Here lies the problem with the mind, even if that problem has its own necessity even in terms of individual evolution.

The average human being uses only the lower functions – the mechanical, automatic parts of each center. Thus, a human acts, loves, thinks and feels emotions only mechanically such as he learned from parents, friends, school teachers, and so on… corresponding with the place and time he is born: he lives only through imitation. This is the reason why humans are not free: he chooses always, from the old and predetermined material

Humans ignore that the thoughts they feel in their mind are not their own, but concepts instilled since their childhood. When a human thinks, he believes to choose his thoughts, but what happens, is that the brain operates automatically, a series of associations that are stimulated from external and internal stimuli.

Hence the reason why the common thought is considered in esoteric teachings, as passive.

The ‘active mind’ is a possibility, but without the ‘I AM’, there is no active thinking. Without the understanding of such mechanisms and conditionings, identifications with race, gender, family, time and place in which one is born and raised, there is no active thinking. In such a case, a human is just an predictable and manipulable automaton.

And beware: to think actively doesn’t mean to be in opposition to this society, to become noncomformists.

‘I am and since I am, I am free to have MY thoughts’… but these thoughts MUST be REALLY mine. This doesn’t mean to isolate ourselves or so, but only to be independent. An active thought will obviously confront itself with the others’ way of ‘thinking’, not only the thoughts of those ‘groups’ that are ‘against’ his group. I consider you understand what I mean.”

I nodded.

“Nice, then we can continue“.




Studying the Laws of Three and Seven you’ll surely notice that there exist, ascendent and descendent waves; during the ascendent, one is led to introspection, the inner work, organization and reflection. Such a moment is internal and related to the wish, the desire.

Even if he doesn’t yet know the ultimate goal of his life, Being has a directive to follow. Such a directive is manifested through the desire – it’s particular ‘chief desire’.

So, from desire to desire, Being follows a ‘contrail’ , a perfume, a chant, an attraction that will lead him closer and closer to the heart of Reality and itself.




Since the individualized Being wishes and desires, he clashes towards external forces that move in opposite directions.

The Laws which govern our life are really many, and they are extraordinarily powerful. Since such Being wishes and feels, he hasn’t a terrible need to do, and put into practice, what he needs. This tendency is related to the descendent wave.

Learning to do is another possibility that a human can achieve, but he needs to strive continuously and with Knowledge in order to avoid the opposite flow of the Laws.“




Power is the capacity of knowing how, when, why and what to do.

Light is the Knowledge. It’s brings the light in order to achieve the ‘clear vision’. This process is expressed in many legends such as the myth of Prometheus, also in the figure of Lucifer (Luci- fero: bringer of Light). Both figures brought something to humans, and paid because of that. En- Light- enment keeps in itself also the noun ‘light’. Knowledge is not an accumulation of data, but the result of a fusion between study and experience.

Love. This is the secret above all secrets. What is Love? The common thought is a feeling, but this is still in the field of the lower emotional. So what is it really? Love with the capital L isn’t an emotion, or a feeling: it’s the water in which we swim.

Love- Consciousness is the Ocean of Life. We are immersed in Love. Love is the Force that keeps together, all that exists, that links the Spirit with the Matter. No atom escapes this Force. It’s the third, Unifying Force. No atom escapes this Law. It’s Love which keeps together all that exists, that moves the Universe, the Galaxies, Solar systems, even the little planet where we live. If a flower blooms, it’s because of Love. If rains, it’s because of Love. And this is so for all. The realm of Nature is subjected to the Law of Love, thus they are filled from it. For us, the humans, it’s a little different: we are called to Know it, experience it consciously, desire it and to choose it. Real Love embraces all and everything, but it’s not a matter of feelings. It’s difficult to understand that without Knowledge.

But we can say, that even a seeker is ready to face every obstacle in order to achieve at least a glimpse of Truth… it’s Love that drives it.

What is  Conscious Love and how do we experience it? This is the Secret every human is called to discover with his own being. This is the challenge that everyone is called to face. Beyond that, there’s nothing.

Now that you know the meaning of this mantram, you’ll  maybe  be able to feel it, to make this yours.”


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