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PA TUAN CHIN: The Eight Pieces of Brocade

Speaking about Qi Gong, there is an interesting sequence of practices that was structured in the 12th Century A.D. by the Chinese general, Yueh Fei, based on the eighteen exercises which Bodhidharma proposed to the Shaolin monks almost eight centuries … Continue reading

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One more Post about Mind and Meditation

“We are what we think. All that we are, arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world“, said Buddha more than two thousand years ago. To use Buddhist terms, a “noble truth”. This should bring us to … Continue reading

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What are the Roots of the Ancient Knowledge?

Facing a traditional teaching on self-development, we’ll perceive immediately that it represents a clear path, and not some, more or less interesting or concrete, subjective insights or subjective points of view of some individuals, but rather a methodical and practical … Continue reading

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A Blog trailer: Why Not?

Seeing that book-trailers exist since 1994, I asked myself why not to do a blog-trailer. Why not? The video below is the result of this idea. If you like this blog page, help me to share it’s contents, feel free … Continue reading

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The Art of Letting Go

Life on earth includes suffering, that’s obvious. We have relationship problems, we lose a loved one, experience the separation of death, we experience loneliness, illness, accidents, we are haunted by guilt, experiemce phobias and fears and unfulfilled desires. We experience … Continue reading

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The Law of Three “made easy”

Don’t take as guaranteed the title of this post. The reason for writing another explanation about a topic that has already been discussed on the pages of this blog , is that for many, the argument is still foggy, confused. … Continue reading

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The Missing Part – A “Dip” into Ourselves

When speaking about a work on self- development which could bring us to a state of improved awareness, very often it happens that, even if we realize our state of  “sleep”, we are unable to overcome this state or harmful … Continue reading

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All and Everything from the Catholic Church

It’s not a “sin” to criticize every kind of fanaticism, either political, religious or other, but if the fanaticism is demonstrated by an institution such as the Catholic Church, which states to be against fanaticism, while professing to share messages … Continue reading

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