What is Will?

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”…. a noble truth, but it would be useful to ask ourselves is, what is Will, really?

Indeed, often it is misunderstood as connected with a big need or desire, but will doesn’t always match with this desire. Will is something else: simply, our consciousness considers to wish to do something particular and it does it… or, at least attempts it.

A little practice will explain better than thousands of words. Try this one: keep yourselves motionless with your eyes closed for some minutes. Then, just decide to move a finger and move it. It’s simple, isn’t it? With an act of will, you performed a change. You took an unconditioned decision, your own decision, and accomplished it. This process is applicable to all things. Will has to be trained. and once trained, it must be understood.

Producing an act of will in our daily life is not as easy as moving a finger, but the process is the same: the effect is produced from an unconditioned and conscious decision.

Now, by considering this vision of training the will, as the meaning of all the yogic, meditational and other practices, will becomes more understandable. Remaining motionless – still, when all that composes us wishes to move, is just a training in Will. Indeed, it’s just like a muscle which must be developed following the same principles: application, diligence, and awareness of what we are doing.

But the chronic intellectuals will still ask: “Ok, but what is this Will?”, and we’ll satisfy their intellectual desire  by translating the untranslatable in words.

Will is Power, a Force. It’s one of the “qualities” of the Divine (whatever this word could represent for us) related to Love and Knowing as the three forces  described in the “Secret Doctrine”, the “Treatise on the Seven Rays” and the Three Main Rays of the Divine.

The universe and the subtle dimensions we do not perceive at all, just that all is born and it’s maintained by the “Divine” Love, Will and Knowing (Power).

If we ponder a bit deeper on the above mentioned little practice, we could consider a thing that  most  people, even those involved in a work on themselves have not touched: we’ll come to the point of realizing that we don’t know anything about how it could be possible that this “miracle” of moving a finger with only the power of will. But we do it. We could state that it’s a consequence of electrical discharges produced from our brain, but what causes this process? What lies beyond this process? The source for this imput doesn’t lie in our brain. It is caused by something more “subtle” – a force that is part of ourselves. The brain is just a “switchboard” for these impulses.

Let’s ponder a little about how Will works. It’s a subject of capital importance.

Another thing that should be considered is that we live in “force fields”, where the small depends on the larger, but at the same time, the small can influence the large.

An example for the intellectual minds: our body contains billions of bacterium, micro-organisms, and all these are “force fields”. They are contained in the cells that, in turn are contained in the tissues – further “force fields” contained in other “force fields”. All these fields are contained in the organs that lie in a greater “force field” – our body.

And the story doesn’t end here: our body is contained in a greater “”force field” – the family, the nation, the planet, the solar system, etc… every one of which has its own laws.

Why this example about the interdependence between the “fields of force”? Because we should take into consideration that  as we have our individual will, there are other “wills”, far higher and more powerful than ours, that influence far more widely than our little will. For the reason that the higher Wills are not always “benevolent” and “fair”, it’s not so difficult to understand the importance of strengthening our own Will.

There is a common and childish statement among many contemporary people who are interested in the field of “spirituallity”, that the Universe takes care of us. These are just words. The Universe does not know of our existence such as we totally ignore the existence of a micro-organism in our body. How many times during our day do we pay attention to the atoms that compose our body? Never. We just continue on with our lives and the atoms and micro-organisms continue their own. The same thing happens with the Universe.

A sad statement? No, it’s just what happens.

But, we should take something else into consideration: even the smallest virus or bacterium can produce  bedlam in our organism: the H1N1, the swine flu, is just an example.

When a bacteruim gathers strength, it can even kill us. A virus “influences” us.

In a similar way, we can influence some laws created and maintained by greater Wills.

So, to strengthen our Will is of capital importance, and not only for our inner development.

But it could be useful to say one last thing that often is not taken into consideration: Will without Love and Knowing can produce only suffering for us and  others, so these three skills have to be developed contemporaneously.  A true Love comes from a right Knowing, and only then can there  be produced a worthwhile Will for us and the environment in which we live.

“Et in terra pax homínibus bonæ voluntátis” (literally: and on earth peace to those of good Will) said a great Teacher. Maybe now, after having read this post, these words could acquire a different meaning.

Love, Light Power to You All,

My Sisters and Brothers.

About mr Sarmoung

Andrea Dandolo je pisac i istražitelj razvoja svijesti i duhovnosti uključen u razotkrivanje drevnih učenja s ciljem olakšavanja unutarnjeg razvoja ljudskih bića. Jedan od načina kojima se time bavi je i kroz blog koji je preveden na engleski, španjolski i od nedavno hrvatski. Od rane mladosti je u svijetu duhovnosti i rada na sebi sudjelujući u radu grupa koje potječu direktno od Gurdjieffa, tj koje su bile vođene od strane samog Gurdjieffa U skladu sa drevnim znanjima, naglašava razvoj svjesnosti kao primarno sredstvo za psihološku transformaciju i duhovnu osvještenost individualaca. Karakteristike sistema koji predlaže su jednostavan jezik i moderni prijevod drevnih učenja kao i njihove praktične primjene u svakodnevnome životu. Njegov blog čitaju ljudi iz svih krajeva svijeta. Samorazvoj je ne religiozni i ne dogmatski put; sastoji se primarno od naprednog dostizanja viših stanja svijesti, p prisustva i konačno od ostvarivanja svoje prave intimne prirode, koja je poznata u mnogim tradicijama pod imenima poput esencija, duša, biće. Kroz takav razvoj individualna osoba ulazi u nove dimenzije svijesti koje mu omogućuju da vidi stvarnost sakrivenu iza iluzija. To mu omogućuje kreiranje osobnosti neovisne i otporne na vanjske situacije i vanjska uvjetovanja. Posljedice takvog razvoja su oštra inteligencija, izvanredni kreativni kapaciteti, ravnoteža i smirenost u svakoj situaciji i stabilno stanje višeg stanja svijesti koje je poznato u drevnim tradicijama pod nazivom “buđenje”.
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