The Concept of Violence #3: ”Escaping from the Prison”

Ok, but how do we escape the prison we are in?  Indeed, a human will be able to live in real peace only when he is able to control the natural destructive force that lies within himself.

We have to recognize such a force, control it and transform it into something new – a new power. This must be done.

Let’s observe all the anger and rage we keep in ourselves; this is something that most people wouldn’t like to do. We have been educated to suppress every form of intimate desire through every kind of conditioning.

How do we transform the rage into creative power? How do we transmutate the inner tensions into a creative flow of energy?

It’s not a thing for novices nor for “spiritual tourists”. Indeed, it’s one of the secrets of the Great Work, which has been handed down from the Western and the Eastern traditions about the Alchemical Work, the “Magna Opera” – the transmutation of conditioned emotions produced from identification into that “something else” so mentioned in many scriptures and from many great teachers.

Indeed, such transformation requires skills that are far from the possibilities of many people: stable consciousness, a presence that could last for most of the day (and night), being totally sincere, and so on.


When we are involved in manifestations of rage or anger, all the strength of these negative emotions struggle through their manifestation. But, if we become able to transform them into higher emotions, we will then have a huge, tremendous force capable of changing everything… our state of being and even others’ state of being. Those who know me personally know what I am speaking about.

As said in the previous post, “we must have the courage of facing totally, our dissatisfactions and the resulting anger. We have to do this without falling into the trap of some “buffer” of some excuse, seeking scapegoats: a husband, a wife, a son, the neighbour, politicians, job etc… all this doesn’t matter to this. All those persons are frustrated, conditioned and angry such as we are. They can’t act in any other way because they are asleep, such as we are.”

And here lies the key.

We wish to escape the “prison”, so we have to face the rage contained in us, it’s not a shame to have it… eventually, it’s a shame to deny its presence. We have also to analyze all our unexpressed desires, one by one, without being ruthless towards anyone. We are as we are because of the mass conditionings, not because of someone in particular that is also a victim of the same conditionings.

So, once seen, the anger or the boredom towards life, all results of a vegetative and mechanical existence…. once we see and taste the rage towards all and everything, and only then we’ll be able to see the hot cauldron that lies within ourselves: the material for the alchemical transformation that lies deep in ourselves. Such a cauldron is a huge source of power.

Once this is realized , only then we’ll have to do the further step: changing the course of this energy.

There are really several methods to achieve the transformation of our negative emotional states, but  most methods are, as said above, is totally “inaccessible” to most because of a lack of competent guidance. But, as always, with a little bit of good will (and motivation) something can be done… something can always be done.

Here’s a practice that could be tried by everyone (someone who will read this post has practiced it and has said to have had marvelous results).

So, the steps for this practice are:

  1. To recognize and stop the identification involved in such emotion;
  2.  To understand that this emotional state is really dangerous for us and those who are near us;
  3. Trying to change the present harmful emotional state with a positive and constructive one;

So, to recognize that we are falling into a harmful, negative emotion, we have still to use skills that, as mentioned above, most of people do not possess: being able to observe ourselves for longer periods of time. Where do we feel this emotion in our body? What parts of our body are tensed? Do we feel a sort of sensation in some parts of the body? Asking similar questions, making an analysis of such kind, checking out our emotional reaction through the physical responses of our body, implies a sort of detachment from what we are feeling in that moment and prevents the habit of being involved and annihilated in some identification. Also, we have to pay attention to the thoughts which arise in our mind, even if they are phrases, dialogue or visual images. We must recognize that these are only thoughts. This is the first step.

Then, (second step) we have to make a statement, in order to recognize this emotion as what it effectively is: harmful.

“This emotion is something I really don’t want. I refuse it. It is dangerous for me and for those who are around me. If I feel it (anger or depression, or every emotional state we feel…), this will harm also those whom I love, because they’ll also have to bear the consequences of my emotional state. I am not so selfish to do this, even to them.”

This is a very good verbal formula that could be used in such situations.

The last step is to try to express the wish to see things “as they are”, in a more objective way.

“I wish to see this situation in a more sober way. What is happening right now? Why does this touch me? What lies behind my reaction?  I wish to overcome all this and be able to transform this harmful manifestation into something creative.”

Of course, the first attempts to do this will never effectively happen; if we feel anger, the anger will remain. The only attempt we can make toward the possibility for a different state of being, for a different emotion, is to begin a process which, after several repetitions will allow the birth of a new, more productive attitude: the possibility to have a degree of control on our emotional states.

This surely isn’t the major practice to transmute destructive emotions, but it’s the only one which can be shared without regrets that it could be harmful for someone.

About mr Sarmoung

Andrea Dandolo je pisac i istražitelj razvoja svijesti i duhovnosti uključen u razotkrivanje drevnih učenja s ciljem olakšavanja unutarnjeg razvoja ljudskih bića. Jedan od načina kojima se time bavi je i kroz blog koji je preveden na engleski, španjolski i od nedavno hrvatski. Od rane mladosti je u svijetu duhovnosti i rada na sebi sudjelujući u radu grupa koje potječu direktno od Gurdjieffa, tj koje su bile vođene od strane samog Gurdjieffa U skladu sa drevnim znanjima, naglašava razvoj svjesnosti kao primarno sredstvo za psihološku transformaciju i duhovnu osvještenost individualaca. Karakteristike sistema koji predlaže su jednostavan jezik i moderni prijevod drevnih učenja kao i njihove praktične primjene u svakodnevnome životu. Njegov blog čitaju ljudi iz svih krajeva svijeta. Samorazvoj je ne religiozni i ne dogmatski put; sastoji se primarno od naprednog dostizanja viših stanja svijesti, p prisustva i konačno od ostvarivanja svoje prave intimne prirode, koja je poznata u mnogim tradicijama pod imenima poput esencija, duša, biće. Kroz takav razvoj individualna osoba ulazi u nove dimenzije svijesti koje mu omogućuju da vidi stvarnost sakrivenu iza iluzija. To mu omogućuje kreiranje osobnosti neovisne i otporne na vanjske situacije i vanjska uvjetovanja. Posljedice takvog razvoja su oštra inteligencija, izvanredni kreativni kapaciteti, ravnoteža i smirenost u svakoj situaciji i stabilno stanje višeg stanja svijesti koje je poznato u drevnim tradicijama pod nazivom “buđenje”.
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