Sri Yantra #3: Perception of Time and Space

Sri-Yantra B/W picture

Sri-Yantra B/W picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sri Yantra explains the geometry of evolution that begins from the center, from the source, of the creation of various planes that form all the principles that rule the existence of all that we can experience. The more we extend our visual view in that symbol, the more we’ll notice that the triangles are surrounded by external circles and circles of lotus petals that represent the reality manifested in the perceivable world.

So, not merely a beautiful figure to hang on the wall as an exotic ornament to show to friends, but a tool of knowing, understanding and developing. The next time you see this Yantra, and other Yantras, remember these posts.

We mentioned in a previous post about the concept of “Creation/Destruction”, and this process happens simultaneously at every moment, even now while you are reading this post. Every instant is a movie frame of the reality in the eternal present. There is a moment, and the moment after, then, the next moment that has nothing to do with the previous. Such as in a movie, the Source- Creator generates perpetual movie frames in succession and at tremendous velocity, so that they give us the illusory feeling of  continuity, of a story that has a beginning and a possible end.

This description can be related to Julian Barbour’s “timeless physics” theory. But in our case, this is not a theory, it’s a fact that may be noticed by everyone who practices self-observation for long periods, and is experienced as a daily fact by anyone who has acquired an attentive, higher state of consciousness.

The image of “movie frames” allows us to understand the progression of our feelings, thoughts, of what we can imagine: we begin from one point, a moment, and something happens and we are happy or sad. But this is only an idea of what we expect or what we imagine.

The reality is that we live and experience only one movie frame at a time, we don’t live these moments in movement as in a movie. The dynamic we notice is only imagined by us, and we link every moment with the others as a base of our subjective remembrances and expectations.

The only thing that is objectively real is the movie frame we live in at this  instant; all the rest is a mental production that is organized according to our memory, in  which information acquired from the past guarantee and fortify, or as a base of illusory forecasts- hopes and  expectations, of what could happen in a future that doesn’t exist.

Life as we perceive it is not real. It’s an illusion. We live only a moment at a  time, and we link to this moment, remembrances and expectations or a vision projected into the future which gives us the illusion that time flows, that the movie is a continuous progression and that our life also flows with this flow of time.

The past no longer exists, it’s a product of our memory; the future still does not exist, it’s a projection of our expectations and hopes. The only thing that exists is the present moment, and every moment is followed by another moment, then another, another, another, and so on.

This doesn’t mean that the future is not predictable, or that an action we do now will not produce any effect: if we throw a glass, it will fall somewhere, hopefully, not on someone’s head, because it could obviously produce damage.

In every plane of manifestation, there are universal laws from which no one can escape. Nothing happens haphazardly, even if we could perceive it to be so.

Everything that happens is a consequence of our intentional or unintentional actions. We could blame someone else – God, the Devil, Fate or even the Universal Laws, but a great responsibility of what happens to us is determined by our lack of awareness.

The main thing that must be understood is that the perception of time, as we perceive it, is due to the organization of our mind that requires the memory or prevision to produce the following bonds of effects that give the illusion of a continuity.


Sacred Geometry / Sri Yantra / Sacred Space

Sacred Geometry / Sri Yantra / Sacred Space (Photo credit: Sarjana Sky)

Another practical aspect that is described in the chain of creation/ destruction in the Sri Yantra is the impression that things exist outside of us, that we are separate from the external world. Indeed, this perception is the result of a meeting of some fields of energy: we perceive an external phenomenon only when a series of circumstances matches; just to make clearer this statement that is difficult to be understood and accepted, we’ll give a figurative example; indeed, it belongs to the field of the spiritual path, not of the individual self- development, so it is far not only from the common view, but could be also far from the view of many people that follow the noble path towards self- development. For these reasons, we give the example: when we are at the cinema, we can enjoy a movie because there is a projector with a particular kind of lenses that uses a principle related to light to make the movie “manifested” on the screen.

It’s a similar thing that happens in a cathedral where a beam of light passes through the stained glass windows producing a specific gamut of colors- another example of the same principle. In both cases, the phenomenon is perceived only then when determined conditions converge in a particular relation inside of what manifests itself or, if you prefer, when these conditions express a natural, universal law present in our Universe.

These phenomena can be noticed and perceived by ourselves only when they correspond to a law. If these conditions don’t exist nor correspond to any law, we wouldn’t notice them and we wouldn’t even suspect their existence or the possibility for their existence.

We are part of a universal order that is “written” and described in the Sri Yantra such as in the above mentioned Ray of Creation (for those that are truly able to understand it, ignoring the mere, associative intellectual solicitations this Cosmological graphic produces in them). For this reason, we are subjected to the same laws contained and expressed in this Universe, because we are part of it: we can’t fly nor breathe underwater or buried  three meters under the ground.

We have the possibility to discover these laws not only theoretically, but also in practice, during our daily life: we can understand them, but we can’t escape the same laws, we have to be subjected to them.

Even our capacity of observation is related to these laws, otherwise we wouldn’t notice anything that happens inside and outside of us. When we lack of awareness, we are unable to grasp the reality of what happens, and even this aspect corresponds to a determined law, but we won’t speak here about that.

What has to be understood is that we are not separate from the external, we interact with it not only in this way, but in thousands of other ways; we are subjected to the same laws as all else that exists in this Universe.

This is what also expresses the central triangles of the Sri Yantra, that Creation/Destruction (or if you prefer, disaggregation) that happens at every moment according to determined laws that exist to make possible this cosmic play.

We live in a Universe, a dimension that is the result of an act of Love, a pure interaction and merging between the feminine and masculine principles. This act of Love is painted in the Sri Yantra – the symbolic representation of reality as it is.

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