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Failed Awakening- what have we missed? #2 (Grasping the “difference” and the fragmentation of our personality)

In the field of the development of Consciousness, or what is usually labelled among the insiders “how to awaken”, these same insiders find thousands of problems and obstacles in achieving the main aim they had proposed for themselves: to wake … Continue reading

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Sri Yantra #5: The Numerology of the Yantra (1)

What is the first and fundamental message that the Sri Yantra transmits to a practitioner? Seeing the huge amount of meaning and the different levels of interpretation, this is a great and demanding question. Indeed, the aim of these posts … Continue reading

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Sri Yantra #4: As Above, So Below

  As we have seen in the previous posts, even if  read in different meanings and at different levels of understanding, the Sri Yantra is basically a representation of the principle of Creation/Destruction, or to clarify the meaning of destruction … Continue reading

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Sri Yantra #3: Perception of Time and Space

The Sri Yantra explains the geometry of evolution that begins from the center, from the source, of the creation of various planes that form all the principles that rule the existence of all that we can experience. The more we … Continue reading

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The Sri Yantra#2 : Bindu- The Creation from the Unmanifested to the Manifested

Before continuing, it would be good to deepen a little, some further aspects of the argument “Yantra”, describing and explaining the components of this Sacred Symbol. Indeed, it’s a very large field to be investigated. We have said that the … Continue reading

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The Sri Yantra#1 : A general introduction, some explanations and general examples

One of the topics we barely discussed in the two years of existence of this blog, is the Sacred Geometry, except for a brief “excursion” in the field of Yantras. Here, we will focus our attention on dedicating a series … Continue reading

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Empty Spaces #3: The Meditative Path and Inner Development- “Emptiness”

One of the most difficult aspects to understand concerning the practice of meditation is the concept of “emptiness”, and the whole tradition of meditative practices is filled with this concept. At the opposite, modern Western culture is filled by fullness … Continue reading

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