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An in-depth about the need to be relaxed#1: an Introduction

In a work for self-development where the main attentions are focused in making more and more efforts, giving more and more, etc…. often is forgotten one of the main grounds of an inner work: the art of being relaxed. This … Continue reading

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“Stopping the Mind”: Beyond Appearances #2

If we wish to change the attitudes of the mind, we have to become able to discern the “old” from the “new mind”, namely, the conditioned from the unconditioned mind. It’s not that we are speaking here about “two kinds … Continue reading

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Gurdjieff’s Meditations- Aphorism #3: Like what “it” does not like.

If someone would accept this aphorism as a suggestion to accomplish always what we don’t like or what doesn’t give any pleasure, with the consequence of fighting always every instinctually pleasant tendency that manifests in us, then it would be … Continue reading

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“Stopping the Mind”: Beyond Appearances #1

The last thread ended with these words: “When we indulge in the expectations, we produce a resistance to what happens in this present moment, we try to take refuge in what should be instead of that experience of what it … Continue reading

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“Stopping the Mind”: Expectations

The last topic ended with the statement that one of the main aims of inner research is to overcome the “ignorance of the mind” (ignorance in its true meaning: ignoring how the mind functions and how to use the mind … Continue reading

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“Stopping the Mind”: Our Illusions

Mind is a mean which allows us to establish a relation with the external environment. Just ponder about the body, that through its physical receptors it is able to experience sensations, and we can be more than aware of that … Continue reading

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Krishnamurti’s The Art of Listening #17: 6th Public Talk. Adyar, India; 3rd January, 1934

As this is my last talk here, I shall first answer the questions that have been asked me, and then conclude with a brief talk. But before I proceed to answer the questions, I should like again to thank Mr. … Continue reading

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