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Authority and the Non-development of Being #2 (Additional Considerations)

When a person makes contact with a form of authority, he experiences, generally unconsciously, two different emotions: one is a mechanical association with his period of childhood when the principle of authority emphasized the equation error = punishment; the second … Continue reading

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Authority and the Non- development of Being

The  loss of “inner identity” has been spoken of enough in this blog and in many other books and web pages. But, there are two particular aspects of this topic that we should ponder on: a loss of a “true … Continue reading

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A “Rare” Esoteric Exercise

Our mind plays a crucial role in our lives, even in our self development. Indeed, as it could also be the main cause of our state of imprisonment, it could also be a “tool” to emancipate us from unwanted and … Continue reading

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When Tai Chi was…Tai chi Chuan

A nice example of Classic Tai Chi Chuan Yang style performed from the legendary Master Lu Guo Ming. Enjoy this view!

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Why We Are Here- story by Idries Shah

Walking one evening along a deserted road, Mulla Nasrudin saw a troop of horsemen coming towards him. His imagination started to work; he saw himself captured and sold as a slave, or impressed into the army. Nasrudin bolted, climbed a … Continue reading

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Inner Science #5: The Path of Shakyamuni

    Buddhism is surely a refined way which, with all the doctrinal elements inevitably included such as in all the disciplines which became religions, gives the possibility to perform a sophisticated analysis of the inner states through determined and … Continue reading

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Inner Science #4: The Patanjali’s Path towards Freedom

Patañjali as an incarnation of Adi Sesha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Patanjali, a yogi who probably lived in the 2nd century, is considered the most studious and the primary compiler of the system known today as Raja Yoga. In his writing “Yoga … Continue reading

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