Sexuality#3: Different Approaches

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Such as in the other centers, even in the sexual sphere we can notice a tripartition: mechanical, emotional, and intellectual. The first two aspects are the most common, and neither the first nor the second allow a correct work of this center.

Mechanical sex is the most commonplace: it has to be done in a determined way, time, and with a series of conditioned “shames” dictated by the automatisms acquired through many years. It is mechanical that we must have sex with our partner a determined number of times if we really love each other in a “normal way”. It’s the habit of making it always in the same place, because every alternative is “strange”. There is also the opposite conception: making love always in a different way, at any cost, emancipating ourselves from the automatisms of other persons. This kind of sex is manifested frequently both in  couples and in  singles. It’s an illusion that  such kind of sex is manifested only in the well- worn and tired relationships. If our consciousness is placed in the mechanical or emotional part of our centers, then this is the only way we can approach a sexual experience.


Emotional sex is characterized by sudden and intense pulses. Strong feelings of reciprocal desire, but not activated by a “magnetic” energetical attraction, which is typical of the sexual center, but induced from thousands of identifications. The mechanical conditionings merge with a sentimentalism produced from the identifications, generating an amorphous quagmire that is usually called “love”.

Those who experience  mechanical or emotional sex can only experience a sentimental sexuality  filled with identifications.  Such a relation is fed from needs, wishes, egoisms, subjective necessities, and the pleasure of the sexual relationship which  is driven only by the emotional condition and the fluctuation of the momentary identifications. Very often, those who live an emotional sex, can pass very quickly from a situation of enthusiasm to a situation of delusion. It often happens, in such situations, that a sexual experience leaves a feeling of “inner emptiness”.


When the intellectual part is predominant, the sexual experience could originate from rich experiences in which the seeking for the particular, the beauty and the appeal of a situation take the place of sentimental identifications. Through such an experience it is much easier being less the slaves of automatisms and conditioned habits. In persons where  mechanicity is predominant, the experiences depend only on the oscillations dictated from external situations, moving their gravity randomly  from one to another aspect of a center. In such situations, there is nothing consciously directed and both fulfillment and harmony of the relationship are dependent on constant random variables.

In the case when the intellectual center is the most dominant, sexuality can achieve two opposite aspects: greyness, total absence of creativity and human warmth, or great creativity and tendency to transform both mechanical and emotional sex to an erotic experience. When speaking of eroticism, we mean the sensual experimentation merged from the search for  reciprocal pleasure through an understanding of the mechanics which drive the human structure. This implies a certain degree, a sensibility to feel Love and beauty as higher, universal expressions.

But, in accordance with the ancient teachings, the erotic sphere, intended in its most elevated and spiritual meaning, and not  usually considered, can be experienced only after having developed a certain degree of self- realization.

But sex is not intellectual – it  vibrates in the emotional sphere, it transcends and contains  human nature. When the intellect is enlightened from a higher consciousness, enabling us  to truly learn, then it becomes possible to use the sexual center and its powerful energy , in technical terms. Unfortunately, the Knowing to which various systems such as Tantra, the Taoist sexual practices and the Western and Eastern traditions which used sexuality to produce a superior energy to be used in the higher centers where it belongs, is well forgotten and almost inacessible to the masses.

The physical union between a man and woman is not only a thing of feelings, physical sensations and the pleasure of “being one”. It’s a pure and significant energetic exchange. Energy is the invisible force which keeps us physically alive, and it could be considered as the  “fuel” composed from different substances and acting in different ways, depending on the fields it feeds.

During the sexual approach, the energetic exchange is the most important aspect. During a sexual experience, we can be recharged or unloaded, absorbing from our partner unwanted qualities or,  oppositely, achieving as a gift, the food for our being. Sex can be  marvelous or unpleasant, depending on the consciousness of the individuals involved in this sacred act.


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