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An In- Depth Look at the Emotional Center #1

In an ordinary state of being, the emotional center expresses its duality in “positive- negative emotions”, and such a dichotomy influences our whole existence, in each of its fields. This is the reason why it needs a serious and deep … Continue reading

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Developing the “Observer”

We would like to share in this post, an “easy” and efficient way to detach ourselves from the “associative thoughts” who occurr in our mind, through developing a skill known both in western and eastern traditions as “witness”, a neutral … Continue reading

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The Characteristics of the Centers

In this post we’ll examine the characteristics of the four ordinary “lower” centers. These centers are peculiar to the integral human structure, so they are immaterial, but they have a “material” center of gravity, so can be located in the … Continue reading

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Higher Centers

For the reason that the two following higher functions are far from the mind’s ordinary possibilities of understanding , because they can be understood only through direct experience, we won’t spend too many words in explanation which would only produce … Continue reading

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The Walker on the Waters Part I

“The Walker on the Waters have always existed, and their deeds are handed down from ear to ear throughout the history of mankind. They are not a sect, a group or an esoteric school, even if many of them have … Continue reading

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Human Centers: Instinctive & Motoric Function

Instinctive Function There are four aspects inherent to this center which does not require to be learned, because each of them is innate in every human being: Sensory perceptions (the five senses and all the organs of reception for every … Continue reading

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Human Centers: The Emotional Function

This field encompasses all the emotions and feelings such as happiness, joy, pleasure, anxiety, anger, regret and the neverending spectrum of sensations we can experience. What is certain is that without a determined practice, it’s quite difficult to discern our … Continue reading

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Human Centers: Introduction & the Intellectual Function

A Comprehensive Introduction This is the first of a series of posts devoted to one of the most interesting, but also most confusing topics inherent in Inner Development:  Human Functions or, as many call them, Centers.  Confusing, because it has … Continue reading

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