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Exercise to Get Back to Reality

There are really many good and effective exercises which can awaken us, at least for some moments. Indeed, an exercise which could awaken us, once and for all permanently, does not exist; this can be achieved only through a constant, … Continue reading

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Awakening to a “True Nature”, not to a New School

Objectively, this Blog is driven from an only purpose, written on the right side above the page: the “Awakening to your true Nature”. So, it’s driven with what is just the Real Aim of Self development- the development of what … Continue reading

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Ponderings about Acceptance

Obviously, not all who read what I write can agree with what is posted on this Blog. It’s a normal thing. Nobody impose to nobody to agree perforce with something. Pretending this should be a violation of one of the … Continue reading

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Acceptance and The Law of Seven

The “suffering” produced from what in the Fourth Way (but also I use for simplifying the understanding of what I am writing) is known as the Law of Seven, is not limited in the impossibility of accomplish something, this is … Continue reading

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Book Preview: The “I Am” Exercise

Awaiting the publication of my first book (requested frommany readers of this Blog page, but I don’t wish to share for now additional specific informations about the book, except that is practical), I would like to introduce, here, an excerpt- … Continue reading

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Gurdjieff’s Advices to his Daughter

Searching here and there, as I always do, I found an interesting text that could be interesting for those who are interested in the Gurdjieff’s teaching, but also useful as reference to all those whose aim of life is to … Continue reading

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Clearing the Misconceptions about “Inner” and “Spiritual” Research

Ordinary, many people confuse the “Inner Research” with the “Spiritual Research”, but they are not the same thing and this should be understood, because understanding such differences is fundamental. With the term “Inner ” we can intend the True Nature … Continue reading

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