Check out Your Limits- An exercise in “Intentional Efforts”

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If a life path dedicated to the self development is intended to overcome our limits,the inner and outer impositions who bring us stuck and unable to do what we really wish to do, it seems obvious that, to achieve the purposed aims need a starting point is needed. And, if we accept the fact that life, so even an inner path, requires a practical guidance, then even the starting point must be practical. We cannot get a move driven from hypothesis, doubts, groundless assumptions- we need real and incontrovertible facts.
So, maybe unable to do some “great steps” to a radical changing of the situations, we might begin from something “less impressive” but also much important; a question. Then, maybe you might begin with ask yourself a simple but relevant question:
“What are my limits?”
“What are the limits who take me stuck in the life situation I find myself in this moment?”
Take pen and paper and try to write some questions to this answer. List all the limits you consider prevent to live a fulfilling life, limit from which you want to be emancipated. Try to write down an inventory in the most detailed complete way, omitting all the limits which resolution depends from “higher” causes you cannot influence or change.
Now, you have to take a “commitment”, namely to verify in practice every element you listed on paper, testing it carefully to verify its reality. What we ask here, is to “clash” with all the limitations listed on paper. And much more: if till now you have tried to escape situations who could have put you in a difficult position, now you have to search them. We ask here to plan your life in the following days in order that every of your limits could be verified without any doubt.
It could seem cruel, frustrating, but it’s also indispensable if you want to reach such goal.
But, keep attention: you have to face with your limits, not to stop yourself before this happens. Surely, you will say you have done this yet, maybe it could seem you have done this during the whole your life, facing limits and incapacity to do something.
But, now you have to ask another question: “Have I really faced my limits? Have I really touched those limits, not with an idea,  but in practice? Have I really verified a limit, or I have stopped myself maybe a moment before this could happen, before I could experience the suffering of facing my incapacity?”
In other words, how many of the listed limits are consequences of a true experience, how many existed even before receiving any kind of confirmation?
And, even admitting that life brought in the passed enough confirms, are you really sure that, in the mid time, something in you does not changed, and that those limits are still effective?
Every day brings wit him some changes, new experiences, occasion to experiment and grow. Even our physical body changes every day renewing himself, and, in the same way, even the environment in which we live changes.
What was of value one month ago, could not be yet of value now. The way I missed something yesterday could have changed me, so today I could react differently when facing the same situation.
What we propose here is concrete and practical. Not ideas but facts. We cannot take in consideration limits who aren’t sure or current. Otherwise, we should use one more time a theory to build another theory, and, finally, maybe with some kind of subtle persuasion, we could even persuade ourselves that we have changed, until a new external situation will demonstrate the opposite.
So, put your pride and convictions aside, and verify the list, proposing yourself to slam the face against every limit present on the list you wrote. If you do it so sincerely, You will discover something unexpected. Be strong, hold out until you experience the impact, and you will discover that some of them just step aside, allowing you to pass trough.
So, you will discover one of the greatest lesson during a path for inner development, a great secret: these limits are not imposed from your life, but just for being convinced that you have limits.
In some moment of your life, you have just accepted this idea (we would not investigate here, because, as said at the beginning, this is a topic dedicated to practice). This idea became an acquired fact, not subjected to any verification.
It just happened, and from that moment, your only preoccupation was to escape every situation who could be related with this limit.
For example, if we “failed” during a job interview and we decide to participate not to another interview, so that we can evitate similar situations and the following “suffering”, what is really our limit? What is the real cause who limit our life? Our incapacity to find a job or not participate to a job interview? It seems obvious, but it is what we do almost every day:we escape what we consider harmful situations.
How we could hope to resolve, overcome such (or any other) problem (admitting that the problem really exists and that is not a product of our imagination) if we continue to ignore it? Indeed, ignoring an alleged limit does not erase it, on the contrary this behavior confirms his existence.
Our limits are really strange and bizarre: they could conditionate our life, our decisions, but they have not an own life. Without the support of our fears they cannot live, they cannot exist, they vanish as shadows under the sunlight.
Face the problem in a direct way, search, wish, to face it, because, even if you will discover that the limit is real, you will erase the fear. In this moment,the problem will result clear, as it is, not as our fears describe it. This clarity is a good starting point to begin to overcome this problem. Only facing a limit, you can understand the causes and consequently overcome it. Or, (and this is not a rare case) you can realize that this limit was totally unfounded.

The choice is Your.

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