Meditation is placed in the consumer market?


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The thing that the media search in their issues to share every sort of glamor is a well known fact- at least among those who do not allow their “brain” to be only a sort of thoughts- washer full of imaginary and other illusions, but also as for what is prearranged: to THINK. A good example of this glamor has been shared this April, 2011, from the Journal of Neuroscience; in fact, it has released an article, “Brain Mechanisms Supporting the Modulation of Pain by Mindfulness”.
This article reports the result of a study conducted by the USA “Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem”, explaining that meditation reduces the pain: in fact, the ability to focus the mind should give the possibility to significantly reduce the “pain unpleasantness by 57% and pain intensity ratings by 40% when compared to rest.” It continues by explaining that the  meditation practice influences the anterior cingulate cortex and anterior insula, (areas of the brain involved in the cognitive regulation of nociceptive processing) with amazing analgesic results.
That’s all? Really amazing!!! Amazing in the sense that the only clamorous thing we can see here is that they reproduce a little part of informations that are well known from thousand of years, considering that the effects of meditation are well explained in the Hindu Vedas, written cca. 5000 years ago and whose writers praised a competence in this field light years far higher than those scientists who, probably, neither know the right way to take a right meditation posture.
And, of course, not only the Vedas explained those results, but we can cite also the Upanishad, Yoga Sutra, Tantraloka, the rich corpus of Buddhist texts, who describe in the most little details what happens before, during and after the meditation practice, with an attention and cure that our hyper sophisticated software could only dream.
Don’t misunderstand me, again. What I would like to say here is not that these informations are wrong, quite the opposite! I would like to mark here the superficiality of these researches, based only on few point without any previous preparation in the argument. And, remember, this approach is the same in almost all the scientist fields.
So, let’s leave the “wise” scientists get lost in their superficial statistics, considering only little part of an argument, instead than entering the core of the argument and, maybe, learn something really new, and let’s begin a little bit sober analysis of the topic.
First, the consideration that meditation is good because releases the pain (“…Meditation can be better than morphine at easing pain”) at the eyes of every serious practitioner is quite ridiculous and limiting. It’s the same than make a statement that is good eat carrots because  it trains the jaw muscles. Meditation is far more than this. Briefly, to do not repeat what said in previous posts, meditation is the only mean to achieve a personal emancipation from the habitual, mechanical laws who limit our lives. It’s a tool for freedom.
And now you’ll understand this my reaction: meditation is a serious, very serious thing, because it can allow us to understand what are usually labeled the mysteries of our lives, even the death. Limiting it as a painkiller, is absurdly reductive.
Then, the Journal of Neuroscience reports that the experiment was conducted on “…15 healthy people who had never meditated before attended four, 20-minute classes to learn a technique called focus attention.”
Are we so naive to believe really this? Can we really believe that 15 neophytes, constantly bombarded by a hurricane of thoughts, tensions, conditionings, fears we face everyday in every moment, have achieved such results in only four sessions of each 20 minutes? Released pain? Learn focused attention in only 80 minutes? Then, to do not use me as reference, I can say without doubts that some friends who are able to meditate some hours a day without any interruption, can survive a nuclear holocaust without suffering any consequence.
This is ridiculous! Once more, we can witness a superficiality that is so marked in every field of our society, namely, considering the experience trough an utilitarian perspective with a relevant lack of mental openness.
Facing a topic as meditation in such terms, is not a help; it’s, eventually, a help only for those who sell books on similar arguments, or for those charlatans who sell meditations as a market product, organizing expensive and useless courses- retreats, marking the form instead of the essence, explanations instead of the experience.
Chanting a very expensive (in terms of money) mantra without knowing what are we doings is not inner research or path towards a freedom.
Once again, we can see a genuine art becoming a product for merchandise, good to feather the nests of those who earn good money from people with good intentions. In this way, meditation, such as every spiritual practice, will never be understood for what it really is: a mean to achieve a Real Freedom.

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