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The Art of Personal Transformation: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening (Essay by Theodore J. Nottingham)

We are not one person. There is no “I am,” but many “I’s” coming from numerous places within us. There is the “I” who is in command when it is hungry. There is the “I” who is in a bad … Continue reading

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An Integral Approach to Overcome the Harmful Emotions

The emotive field is the sea in which we swim every moment. Even the perception of a colour, a sound, a physical sensation is possible by the emotive. What is ordinary labelled under this name, isonly the surface of amore … Continue reading

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Can we be aware of Everything?

To see a video related with this topic, take alook to this link The following are some quotes based on the work of deepening our understanding of our psychology as related to our awareness. “Walk as if you are kissing … Continue reading

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A Practical Experiment with Thoughts

We are like a vessel without a helmsman at the mercy of the waves of our thoughts. The storm happens around us, and we are pushed in every direction by the wind of our emotions, of our thoughts. The only … Continue reading

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The Morning Awakening

Morning Awakening shouldn’t be just a habit. Waking is a symbolic event, and it represents the awakening of consciousness, so we should waking up with an unique thought in our mind: “I Wish to be”. This is a possibility who … Continue reading

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Gentleness of Movements- Gentleness of Mind

“Soft sinews are a special characteristic of the infant. If people who are not far from death (old people) are to have any hope of returning to youthfulness, it is only through concentrating on the chi and becoming soft.” This … Continue reading

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Breath and Navel Tecnique- A Taoist Practice

Breath and Navel Meditation is the oldest meditation method on record in China, as well as India.  It is the method usually taught to beginners.  Breath and Navel Meditation works directly with the natural flow of breath in the nostrils … Continue reading

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The roots of our fears

I’ve posted today, as a note on my Facebook Profile a Zen story that I would like to share here, asintroduction of this short post. Zen stories are very wise, and everyone of them hides a deep teaching for those … Continue reading

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Discerning the False Personality from our True Self

Subhuti was Buddha’s disciple.  He was able to understand the potency of emptiness, the viewpoint that nothing exists except in its relationship of subjectivity and objectivity. One day, Subhuti, in a mood of sublime emptiness, was sitting under a tree.  … Continue reading

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I think it’s the quietness of the place, of the green slopes of the mountains, the beauty of the trees and the cleanliness, that and other things, has made the pressure and the strain far greater; the head has been … Continue reading

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