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Awareness and The Tone of Voice

Trough the improving of the tone of our voice, we can improve even ourselves. Human voice it’s not only a language medium, but rather a “sounding-board” able to show one’s emotional states. A small child doesn’t understand the meaning of … Continue reading

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Developing Awareness during Sedentary Jobs

How to maintain a higher state of attention during the day, even if we do a sedentary job? How to observe ourselves even when we work eight or more hours a day on the PC? Many people feel unable to … Continue reading

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Walking Meditation: A Personal Perspective

This post is is related to another on this Blog with the same subject, but extended with two “personal” exercises I’ve found very effective for the development of the attention and awareness. Usually, Walking Meditation is a practice who have … Continue reading

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A Simple Walking Meditation Practice

The Walking Meditation practice is very useful when alternated to Meditation in Sitting posture ; it is very relaxing and allow us to develop a better awareness trough movement. How to Perform Walking Meditation (Simple Explanation) The first thing you … Continue reading

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Which way that leads to Chao-chou?

There’s an interesting story about how blind could be men even for the thing they are searching with all their heart. They can bump on against it, without recognizing that this is what he was searching for. ***** When a … Continue reading

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“To Be or… Not to Be”

“There’s an ancient Greek story of a man who, to go down in history, he burned the acropolis temple. The sentence for such act was the prohibition to pronounce the name of this man by anyone, so that he could … Continue reading

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Snapshots and Self Inquiry

  “Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face.” Steve McCurry ***** “This scene, this sunset over the sea, those eyes, I must … Continue reading

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Gurdjieff’s practical Work (some suggestions)

How much time should be spended at the beginning Working on ourselves each day? This answer is given by Gurdjieff during one of his meetings: Gurdjieff:…You must set aside a special time each day for the work. Not all the … Continue reading

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