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The Trap of Loneliness

What is solitude?  It is the total absence of communication with the outer world, one of the most common sicknesses of the 20th and 21st centuries.  It is the feeling of the absence of others near us, and the worst … Continue reading

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Self Observation

Self observation  is the focal point in the field of inner research-trough this practice placed in a well-structured environmental system there is practically no limits to what we can discover about ourselves, our life and world in general. To carry … Continue reading

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Being and the Theory of Reincarnation

Knowing ourselves doesn’t mean recognizing what makes us different from others, such as enjoyments, desires, ambitions, and personal abilities.  It means understanding the functions and structure of the human machine with the aim of obtaining perfect control of ourselves and … Continue reading

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Ponderings about simple things that are virtually impossible to understand

A human is a tripartite being.  He is composed of mind, body and emotions.  During his life on earth, these three components are fundamental for his development, and each of these parts have the support of the other.  Every objective … Continue reading

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The theory of the Four Bodies (a neverending story)

….The following text is a short consideration of an never-ending research…so, be patient, receptive and open-minded… In accord to the ancient teachings, a man has four bodies: physical, emotional, intellectual and causal. Differently from many other esoteric disciplines, the Fourth … Continue reading

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Swimming Against the Flow

The resistance against any kind of changes is not only psychological, it drags her roots from the deepest and ancient connection between the individual and the environment surrounding him. We can say that all what exists moves in a sort … Continue reading

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The Minos Labyrinth of our Daily Life (pondering)

In our everyday life, we have the illusory impression of perceiving reality in a concrete and objective way. We have the feeling of being stable, with a specific character, a stable point of view and a well-defined individuality. The reality … Continue reading

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Clairvoyance (Seeing Clear)

A few days ago, I witnessed a discussion between friends about the theme of Clairvoyance.  This was, of course a superficial and disinterested discourse between friends during coffee.  One of them spoke about the siddhis (the occult powers developed by … Continue reading

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Boris Mouravieff: Polar Opposites, or the Fifth Way of Love

Text by Laura Knight-Jadczyk   Boris Mouravieff writes in his book “Gnosis: Study and commentaries on the Esoteric tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy. Book I, Exoteric Cycle” “Homo Sapiens lives immersed in his everyday life to a point where he forgets … Continue reading

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Problems Along The Path#2- The Wish of “revenge”

This is really another main problem along the path toward self-development.  Revenge towards life in general, a response towards the thousands of humiliations we have suffered during our life. It’s a reaction related exclusively to our past which prevents us … Continue reading

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