Some Consideration about the Practice of Self Observation

NOTE: the following are some general considerations achieved during my practice and various texts about the practice of self observation, a fundamental practice for self developement.If anyone has something to share about this topic, please share… I will be very grateful. Wish you all the best, my friends and brothers!

The aim of the inner work or inner research is to discover our real nature, covered under years and years of conditioning and convictions acquired from the outside. To explain the automatic human’s condition, at the beginning of the nth century, Gurdjieff described men as a machine this was a perfect metaphor in according to the mentality of the industrial society. Today, to remain in accord whit the contemporary society in which we live, it would be better saying that we are like PC’s, programmed to function in a determined manner, but unable to perform some program without an external influence. It’s obvious that PC who want’s to work independently from an external master, needs to develop something that he didn’t received when he was built: he needs an external programmer, something that is part of him but that functions as an independent part able to observe the PC’s functions and to correct the bugs and the various programming errors, delete viruses, without being involved in various actions and situations: so the PC becomes both programmer and programmed.The same thing is of value when we speak about human beings who want’s to achieve a conscious evolution: create an observer who could observe himself.In every serious inner discipline, self observation is the main tool to achieve that goal. Through the development of a capacity of observation, as a part of a serious and concrete teaching/system, there are no limits to what we can discover about ourselves and life in general.To understand how to develop a constant attitude for a real and concrete self observation practice, we must consider two main factors: energy and consciousness. In fact, an intentional observation can be described as a science directed by an awakened and focalized will, and this requires effort. To make such intentional effort, we need an high quality ”fuel” or energy, but the problem is the following: the only energy we can manage is the daily resource that dissipated through unconscious thinking, automatically, impulsive re- actions, unnecessary talking, and many other well known factors (well known for the practitioners)… and, if we loose that energy, self observation is impossible, and we can only dream about it.The first difficulty we found concerning the self observation is that we don’t know what it means concretely. Even many people who practices many disciplines who requires a self observation find difficult to understand what he they have to do in practice. Many other- and they are unfortunately the main- think that they have this capacity, even if they are still seeping. Only whit a practical experimentation, one can see how this practice is difficult, and that it requires seriousness, study and practice.Self observation bring us to the self knowing, helps us to discover our true nature. In fact, every discipline begins whit the question:”Who Am I really?” There’s an ancient statement who says:”Primum: nosce te Ipsum” (first: know yourself): self observation is the first tool for answer to this question. This work cant be done using only the theoretical study, or the direct experience: both these things are needed. Study and experience in every field of our lives, the observation of our functions and our automatism can bring us to the awakening of a concrete individual consciousness.Self observation requires a development of a extreme rare attitude: sincerity. Being honest means don’t lie to ourselves and the other whit the only purpose of maintaining an illusory character (emerging from the various fragments of our non unified personality). If we are not sincere and we don’t recognize that we can’t maintain an constant conscious attention, all possibilities for a further development cheeses.At the beginning of the path, this practice has the aim to keep us aware that we are ”absent”.There are many methods for self observation, but first one must understand what means to observe ourselves. To achieve this aim, there must be someone who could direct. The observer and the observed object are not the same thing: we can observe a landscape, a car or a boat because they are external toward us, but we can’t see our face without a mirror. So, the field of observation must be as much detached as possible from ourselves. The best thing is to begin from the body: observing our gestures, understanding how we interact whit the others, reducing progressively the automatic habits.once we achieve a better practice, we can begin to observe emotional and intellectual functions and the corresponding centers, but at the beginning is better to begin what the observation of the motorical center and whit his habits. Breath is also a good point to develop the capacity of observation.Through self observation, we can achieve the control of our centers, we become able to manage almost all the functions of our being.One of the most important gifts of elf observation is the development of the ability to understand the others in a more deeply way. This ability permit us to develop better relationships and to give some kind of help to those who need it.There’s a traditional form of education to observing ourselves, who consists in struggling to erase the mechanical habits. Every action we make during the day such as drinking a glass of water in a determinate way, taking a cell phone intentionally etc… The development of a better attention could be improved by the research of a gestural aesthetic, such as sitting in a determinate way, make harmonious gestures when talking, walking whit elegance (natural elegance), aligning the lighter or a fork next to another object, etc…

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